Reviews Keramin

  • Jan
    I developed psoriasis in my youth. It is usually possible to stop it with ointments and diet, but lately I live in constant stress, which has affected my self-esteem and plaques of psoriasis have sprung up all over my body. Keramin cream relieves symptoms, relieves itching, reduces the size of spots. I will order more because it helps me a lot.
  • Aljaž
    I have had a wart removed on my right thumb several times and it has recently reappeared. Quite by chance I saw an advertisement for Keramin cream on the Internet, I decided to try it, although I did not believe much in the result. But after a month of treatment, the wart disappeared as if it had never been there. Now I recommend this product to everyone.
  • Sara
    This Keramin cream is amazing. He helped me get rid of a stubborn fungal infection that had plagued me for half a year, in just one month. Relief came after the first applications - the unbearable itching disappeared, the peeling and growth of the fungus stopped, the unpleasant odor disappeared.
  • Lara
    Forty years later, many papillomas appeared on my neck and a friend recommended Keramin cream. I have been using it for three weeks now, the result has become noticeable - the small formations have disappeared, and the large ones have decreased in size and no longer interfere so much. By the way, the skin began to look better, became more elastic and fresh, although the fading was noticed before.
  • Maja
    Last summer I caught fungus somewhere, my toenails turned yellow, they started to crumble, sores appeared between my toes, my feet smelled like a pile of rotten underwear. Keramin cream literally saved me, eliminating inflammation and unpleasant symptoms very quickly. Two months after the course of treatment I underwent an examination, all tests were clean, nothing was left of mycosis.
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